The oral health market is inundated with many teeth whitening products, all making similar claims about their ability to transform smiles. But behind the fancy advertising and packaging lies the critical element that separates the best from the rest- their ingredients. 

Almost all products contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as teeth whiteners. Understanding their differences and their impact on results allows you to offer the most effective and advanced whitening program to your patients. 

Let’s take a closer look at the distinguishing factors between the two and how GLO Science Pro’s ingredients help deliver incredible results without sensitivity. 

Hydrogen Peroxide: This is perhaps the most common ingredient found in both over-the-counter and in-office teeth whitening systems. Choosing the right strength will depend on patient sensitivity level, age, and starting shade, as well as the desired whitening shade of the patient. The degree of penetration also depends on two key factors- length of whitening and concentration of gel.

GLO Science Professional offers two strengths for our in-office whitening gel: 24% and 30% hydrogen peroxide. While some companies will promote up to 35% concentration, studies have shown that lower levels are just as effective in liquid form and are less likely to cause discomfort and tooth sensitivity.

For patient use at home, our Take-Home Kits contain 10% hydrogen peroxide. The hermetically sealed system creates an efficient delivery method from the comfort of home.

Carbamide Peroxide: Many companies choose to use this ingredient to protect the shelf life of their products, despite being fully aware that its harmful by-products aren’t good for overall health. Furthermore, carbamide peroxide gel is much less effective. Why? The main culprit is its slower breakdown which lengthens the whitening process and causes increased sensitivity. 

Hydrogen peroxide breaks down in 20 to 30 minutes, while the same amount of carbamide peroxide can take up to four hours. Not only is this incredibly time-consuming, but it’s also ineffective and uncomfortable for patients!

Additionally, the whitening strength of carbamide peroxide is less than that of hydrogen peroxide- almost three times to be exact! While our GLO Take-Home Kit contains 10% hydrogen peroxide, it would need 30% carbamide peroxide to achieve the same results. 

Based on this information, it’s easy to see why innovative professional whitening systems have moved away from using certain ingredients in their products. At GLO Science, we put oral health first and prioritize the ingredients used in our whitening gel. We also various strengths, allowing you to customize treatments to meet the needs of each patient leading to better results, no discomfort and happier patients.


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