It’s a scenario those in dentistry are all too familiar with. A patient arrives for a routine check-up, and while discussing their current oral care routines, you mention professional teeth whitening services. They decline out of fear, discomfort, or negative experiences with rebounds and zingers in the past.

Thankfully, there’s a solution! GLO makes things easy with a system that not only works but is also gentle and effective on stains, whitening and brightening your patients’ smiles, and improving dental health in one easy procedure.

Let’s take a closer look at why our professional line of whitening products and services are the ideal choice, particularly for those with tooth sensitivity:

What’s the GLO difference?

The GLO universally sized mouthpiece incorporates a unique combination of gentle warming heat and light technologyto accelerate and optimize results. During other in-office whitening procedures, light and heat reside outside of the mouth, requiring exceedingly high temperatures and resulting in oxygen ions escaping off the surface of the tooth. In contrast, the sealed environment created by our exclusive mouthpiece maximizes the efficacy of the whitening gel for teeth, preventing dehydration and sensitivity.

Speaking of whitening gel, our GLO Vials feature a patented design that keeps hydrogen peroxide whitening gel fresh and active without refrigeration. Their easy-to-use design allows targeted application onto teeth, avoiding the lips and gums. The gel is thick, and stays on the teeth rather than running all over the gums and soft tissue. All these unique factors allow us to deliver fast, effective results without zingers or discomfort.

How does GLO address the needs of patients with sensitivity? 

When applied as directed, GLO Science Professional whitening technology results in minimal to no treatment sensitivity. Light and heat in the closed system mouthpiece accelerate the reaction rate of the whitening gel, producing more whitening oxygens over a shorter timeframe. This keeps wear times at just 8 minutes, reducing the chance of dehydration or sensitivity. In addition, our specialized formula contains potassium nitrate, acting as a protective barrier and desensitizing gel.

That said, if a patient’s gums are especially prone to sensitivity, we recommend applying our GLO Lip Care to the gum area before whitening. This creates an additional barrier to protect the gums from any sensitivity.

What’s the best way to communicate this information to patients?  

We realize the challenge in convincing some patients that teeth whitening at the dentist can be a pleasant experience. But with the right tools and strategies, you can launch a successful program creating beautiful smiles and happy patients. To assist in this, we offer:

For patients who may be discouraged by prior whitening experiences, GLO offers the results and comfortability other products lack. We also strive to offer practices the support needed to provide the best teeth whitening and oral care to patients.


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