A question many dentists face is how to “sell” elective procedures to patients. We’re going to let you in on a secret- professional teeth whitening is an elective procedure that sells itself!

While we know that’s great news, we also understand that figuring out exactly how to make that happen takes a little planning. No worries, here at GLO Science Pro we’ve got you covered! 

Here are five quick ways to increase elective procedures in your practice this year:

Appeal Visually- When services are out of sight, they’re also out of mind. Be sure that the treatments and services you provide are displayed in waiting areas and exam rooms. A pamphlet is good, but showcasing the technology itself is even better. GLO Science Pro provides a unique and eye-catching light-up display as well as other marketing tools in our Success Starter Set. It’s a turnkey program perfect for those looking to boost revenue with a professional whitening program.

Educate and Inform- Educated consumers are the best customers, so the more patients know, the more likely they'll invest in elective procedures. Speak with them about both the cosmetic benefits and health benefits of professional teeth whitening. Overall wellness continues to be a top priority; allow them to see the connection oral health plays.

Get Social- Social media is an invaluable free marketing tool for dental practices. If you aren’t utilizing this to showcase your work, you could be missing out on a network of potential (and current) patients. Post before and after smile transformations, videos, and brand information on social platforms to connect with patients long after they’ve left your chair. Need a little guidance? Our website offers a wide variety of free resources to help you get started!

Show Off Your Staff- It’s more than likely your team uses many of the services you’re promoting to patients. From your receptionist to hygienists, they’re some of your best advertisements. If a patient with yellow stains on their teeth notices the beautiful, healthy smile of a team member, they’re going to want the same thing!

Every dental checkup is an opportunity to promote elective procedures like teeth whitening, so be sure they’re taking full advantage of this. Incentives are also a great way to drive sales- who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Both your staff and your practice will benefit from these kinds of perks. 

Invest in Quality Products- The best way to increase elective procedures is to work with companies that provide the most innovative, safe, and effective products on the market. With so much information-saturated on the web, it’s easy to find the good and the bad with a simple mouse click. 

From at-home teeth whitening to toothpaste and floss, your patients see you as an expert on all things related to oral care. And while they trust your opinion, many will still do their research. Make sure the brands you sell are highly regarded by industry leaders and backed by reputable studies. GLO Science Pro holds 4 Edison Awards for Innovation and over 25 issued patents for our oral care products and proprietary teeth whitening technologies. From our unique universal mouthpiece to our teeth whitening ingredients, GLO Science Pro has proven to be the best teeth whitening on the market. 

This year isn’t without challenges, but with the right products to support and enhance your practice, both you and your patients stand to benefit greatly. Now that's a reason to smile. 


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