It's no surprise that professional teeth whitening has gained momentum, particularly in recent years. We may be working from home more, but our smiles are front and center thanks to upticks in video conferencing and advanced camera capabilities on cell phones.

And while brighter, whiter smiles are trending across the country, many people are still unsure if they’re a candidate for whitening, and if they are, what’s the best way to achieve the results they desire.

At GLO Science, we believe that everyone is worthy of a beautiful smile. Our innovative formula and design ensure almost every patient is a candidate for in-office or at-home teeth whitening.

Here are some of our frequently asked questions to help clear up any reservations your patients may have before committing to a professional whitening session:

My teeth have been sensitive to other whitening products. Can I use GLO? Yes! Oral health expert and GLO founder Dr. Jonathan B Levine designed GLO to eliminate the problems of sensitivity. Our teeth whitening gel is specially formulated for patients who are prone to sensitivity. It is alcohol and carbamide peroxide-free, and contains potassium nitrate. Plus, contact time is only 4, 8-minute applications- less than an episode of most Netflix shows!

Will GLO work on bonded teeth, porcelain veneers, caps, or dental implants? While no teeth whitening product can change the original color of unnatural tooth surfaces, GLO will remove surface stains to brighten veneers, bonds, and implants.

Will GLO work on tetracycline stains? The GLO system will work on many tetracycline stains with a specialized treatment regimen. Your local GLO rep will be able to help create a customized plan for your patient.

Can the GLO system be used with braces? Our universal mouthpiece is not designed to be used with braces, but GLO Vials can be used to whiten and brighten your teeth while receiving orthodontic treatments. Then, use the GLO device once your braces come off to complete your smile transformation!

Can I use GLO if I’m pregnant or nursing? Please check with your doctor before using products containing peroxide during pregnancy. Twice Toothpaste, part of the GLO Science family, is an excellent option to keep teeth and gums healthy during pregnancy and beyond. 

Will GLO affect tooth enamel?  GLO Science Whitening is completely enamel safe and is also safe for use on crowns, bridges, and veneers. 

Unlike other professional whitening systems, GLO Science Pro offers incredible results suitable for almost everyone. We provide everything patients are looking for without the sensitivity or rebound zingers often found with other whitening products. To learn more or become a GLO partner today, visit

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